Situated in the heart of Kachemak Bay, Across the Bay is an ecotourism vacationer’s paradise featuring spacious, carpeted tents and cabins. Visitors will want to spend a least two or more nights taking advantage of the many activities offered.

We are within a moment’s reach of sea kayaking through picturesque coastal islands, easy or strenuous mountain biking, or hiking through the thick rain forest. You may choose to meander along the seashore, wander into the hills, have a picnic in a field of wild flowers, pick blueberries, or simply sit and enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery.

Sea Kayaking

Glide through the morning mist in a sleek, silent sea kayak. As this mist arises, lush forest and glaciated mountain peaks appears. Chances are you’ll see an eagle or two nesting in a tall, spruce tree near the shore.

We’ll eat our hearty lunch on one of the Herring Islands, home to sea otters, more eagles and the elusive Black Oystercatcher. Our kayak trips are guided only. We have doubles and single kayaks, and there is no prior experience necessary.

Mountain biking

We are encouraging our guests to bring along their own mountain bikes or rent one in Homer ( ask us about this option) to explore logging roads and trails that wind deep through the temperate rain forest and skirt the ocean cliffs. If you’re feeling fit, the quaint little village of Seldovia is only 8.5 miles away, and makes a great day trip for sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

Fishing or Flight-seeing

Halibut and salmon fishing charters can be arranged, and helicopter or fixed-wing flight seeing trips may be available too.

Alternate activities

We can arrange for a taxi ride to Seldovia for sightseeing or shopping. Other options include exploring the surrounding area on foot, tide pooling, beach-combing for shells or driftwood, or sinking into one of the overstuffed chairs in the lodge and reading a book. Simply gazing out the window at the sea is another popular pastime. If you are musically inclined, you are invited to play the guitar, the seriously out-of-tune-piano, accordion, antique marimba or any of the other instruments stashed around the main lodge. After dinner options could include a sing along, a variety of games or puzzles, a spectacular sunset beach walk or a beach fire if conditions permit.


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