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The Beginning…

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Our family of four, Tony, MaryJane, Kjerstin, and Marne, has been summer residents of Kasitsna Bay, on the south shore of Kachemak Bay, for thirty seven years. It is a small secluded bay that is protected, by McDonald Spit, from the big storms with huge waves that can come down from Cook Inlet into Kachemak Bay.
We started to build our cabin in 1978 and moved in the next summer. At the time there were only four other houses on the beach. In another blog I will tell you about the fascinating history of our surrounding including the logistics of building a cabin in a semi-remote setting.
After seven years of summer vacationing and two girls who thought hanging out in the malls in Anchorage would be cool, we bought a Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing permit. Our’s was a set net permit and the four of us fished for salmon for the next five years. A set net permit allowed us to attach three nets to the shore six hundred feet apart. Every three or four hours we drove our boat along each net, harvested the salmon, put them on ice and delivered them to the Tender ( fish buyer) who came everyday or so.  We fished two forty eight hour  periods a week.
There were a few other set net fisher families in the area with kids and we would have volleyball games and pot lucks from time it time. Delivering fish to the Tender was especially memorable for me. We sold the fish, and if time allowed, sat on the big fishing boat that was tied up to a barge, drank coffee or soda, told stories, got the latest gossip, and marveled at the fantastic ocean, mountain and island scenery.  Brilliant sunny days with a little wind were the  best. It was very hard work but it was a great life style.
We sold the permit in 1990 and started planning for our next adventure – Across the Bay Tent and Breakfast Adventure Company.
Stay tuned for ATB Beginnings.


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